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So Why Do I Sing? ........

If you've visited Friday Voices' Home Page, you may have noticed that the choir is looking for more singers. The fact that they have just won a significant choral competition in The Isle of Man may 'frighten some people off' or deter them from contacting the choir. So I thought, why is it that I have enjoyed singing so much with Friday Voices over the last 17 years? So I decided that I would write a small blog article which may help any singers make the choice to come and sing!

The 'highs' include the winning of a competition as recently experienced. As the adjudicator prepared to announce the overall winners, there was tension in the room followed by uncontrollable joy and many hugs and kisses! I've never been a Premiership footballer, but I imagine that moment is similar to someone scoring a goal in the Cup Final! (Well in my own little mind anyway). In our relatively mundane and repetitive lives, there are few occasions where that explosion of emotion is felt. It truly was fantastic ! Of course, it takes a lot of preparation and practice to get to that level of performance but before I put too many people off, most of the year we are singing for fun ... in a much more relaxed manner.

Friday Voices has now been around for many years and has provided me with a wonderful circle of friends ..... and these will be lifelong friends too. I'll be honest, one of my main reasons for attending is the social side and I think that goes for the majority of the choir! Don't think that we are all semi professional singers neither .... cos we're not! I sang as a choirboy in South Wales many, many years ago but only got involved with the choir some 40 years later. What a great decision that was !

So joining Friday Voices is just like getting a brand new circle of friends to have fun with. As mentioned above, we are currently looking for some new Alto, Tenor and Bass Voices to 'beef up' the choir and of course it would be lovely if prospective singers had lots of experience. However, not everyone had loads of experience when they joined the choir. I think you just need to be able to pick things up reasonably quickly.

If anyone comes along for a sing, we normally just invite them to sing along with us for a few weeks and get to know us a bit (in the pub afterwards of course!). After this initial period, if the newcomer wishes to 'formally' join the choir, the Musical Director and a few friends will sing together with the new singer to make sure everyone is happy ....... and away you go!

Singing is healthy for you too .... exercising the lungs and all that .... and with the very busy work lives we all have, and the stress that can accompany that, I find that after a few minutes practice on a Friday night, I have forgotten all of my woes and am feeling relaxed and also invigorated. Then I can look forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend.

So a great social scene and some lovely music to be sung in concerts around the Midlands and often further afield. The Musical Director, Chris Mallinson is one of the best around and personally, I have learned sooooo much from him. He's got a wicked sense of humour but can also have a bit of a go at us if we are being a bit lazy with our singing !

We rehearse 8-10pm at Anslow Village Hall near Burton Upon Trent and then at the local hostelry after 10.00pm.

So to anyone who is considering having a go .... just pick up the phone and ring me on 07767 806677. We can have a chat and I can answer any more questions which you may have ....


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