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North Wales Choral Festival Update !!!

Well there we have it. The journeys have been made and the songs have been sung and we have all returned to the Midlands safely. What a fabulous weekend ..... apart from the weather! Llandudno in November certainly can be bracing.

All of the choir arrived in North Wales to sing at the Saturday evening Festival Concert at Venue Cymru. We were met with a full audience and a fantastic stage and proceeded to deliver 'I Get Along Without You Very Well' and 'Plenty Good Room'. A great roar was heard from the audience as we finished the rousing 2nd song. Very enjoyable for the singers and a great start to the weekend. After a few relaxing 'refreshments' back at our hotel, we then retired to our rooms to get a good nights sleep before the main competition the following day. After a hearty breakfast, some sensible people returned to Venue Cymru to listen to some of the other competitions taking place in the morning whilst other, less sensible people decided to take a 'bracing' walk along the promenade and pier at Llandudno!!

After a 1/2 hour warm up (literally for those who did the prom walk!), we were straight into the competition. 10 choirs were involved ..... 5 Welsh, 4 English and 1 from across the water in Ireland.

Lots of excellent singing followed and then, 7th in line, came Friday Voices. With a warning NOT to go over the 10 minute singing limit, we managed to perform 4 songs ...... 'Dance To Your Daddy', 'Ave Verum', the demonic 'Daemon Irrupt Callidus', finishing with a lovely arrangement of 'Someone to Watch Over Me'.

Then it was a tense wait until the adjudication came through. We listened intently to the marks and then it became clear that we had in fact been awarded 2nd place amongst the 10 choirs singing. So a very successful sing and a lovely weekend for all. A great festival, well organised and which can be recommended to any other other choir who is thinking of trying some competitive singing.

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